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How to increase nowadays traffic flow's fluidity? 


Traffic congestion appears when traffic flows are not fluid anymore. It starts with cumulated cars in one junction and rapidly block several adjacent junctions. This situation takes place for several reasons. However it is always generated by a problem of capacity and/or storage. Generally this is due to a lake of coordination, the mismanagement of junction/network or an inefficient junction's/network's design.  

In order to achieve more fluidity in traffic networks, we provide you with some examples of simple and efficient solutions :

              Intelligent traffic lights

              Coordination of traffic lights

              Traffic flow control strategies

              Traffic management and traffic control studies with proposition of alternatives


In order to integrate changes, a traffic management and control study, modeling and simulation, as well as, controller’s programming according to study's and simulation’s results will be realized by our consulting team to assure the expected results to our clients.

To guarantee the quality of our work, we operate ourselves the starting service and check if the program is running appropriately.