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Traffic control studies and implementation 

Traffic control studies are meant to detect all the traffic management weaknesses and problems. Depending on on-site's constrains and what you want to achieve we will be able to provide you the best solutions thanks to our observations and studies.   

Traffic control studies and implementation are a solution for you, if one of the following case suits :

        There is a new junctions and a traffic management concept is needed.

        Four possible steps :

§         Junction geometry and control strategy design

§         Detail signal design

§         Controller programming and test

§         Evaluation of effectiveness of traffic signal control in real time operation

        A modification of signalized junction for new control objects is needed.

        Possible new control objects :

§         Priority for bus/tram

§         Priority for pedestrians under special conditions

§         Coordination of signals

§         Prevent traffic congestions

§         Other

        A modification of signal control for new junctions' design is needed.

        Examples :

§         new bus/tram lanes

§         new bicycle lanes

§         part of junction used for construction site

§         Other

        An evaluation of existing signalized junctions is needed.

        Other traffic control projects